Our Services

Frame Selection
Let us help you choose a frame. When picking out a frame you need to be sure that it will accommodate your particular prescription and will complement your appearance. We have over 800 frames from which to choose, including sunwear, sportswear, safety and children's eyewear.

Lens Selection
Our knowledgeable opticians, with over 50 years combined experience, will help you choose a lens that is appropriate for your prescription and lifestyle. We specialize in customizing your eyewear to enhance your vision.

Frame Adjustments
A frame must be well adjusted in order to function properly. Our commitment to service does not stop the day you pick up your glasses. As with anything you depend on daily for work or pleasure, your eyewear may need periodic adjustments and repairs. We offer unlimited, complimentary eyeglass adjustments and cleanings.

Customizing Your Lenses

We can tint your lenses almost any color. Lenses can be customized for hunting, fishing, golf or your specific need. We offer UV, anti-reflective, scratch and mirror coatings. We will help you choose which of these would best suit your needs.

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Other Products Available

  • Reading Glasses
  • Magnifiers
  • Cocoons & Vistana fitover sunglasses
  • Clip-on and Slip-in sunglasses
  • Eyeglass Cleaner and Cleaning Cloths
  • Eyeglass Chains
  • Sportbands